Marilyn Monroe in the spotlight / Christmas gift ideas

We’ll soon be talking about Christmas again.

The ICON62 brand is proud to present a new lighting range devoted to an iconic figure who left her mark on the 20th century.

The range offers a series of magazine Front Pages combining the rarity of originals with design, adding up to a product that is at once unique, vintage and contemporary.

The lamps have been designed in champagne-tinted plexiglass, referencing the actress’s favourite drink and her legendary blond hair.

Appealing to movie-goers, fashion and design lovers, and collectors, these lamps will make ideal Christmas gifts.

Full details are in the catalogue attached.: ICON62

The items you choose, along with high-res visuals, are available now.
Each lamp features an original magazine Front Page. No reproductions are used.

Designer: Eric Salone

Communication officer: Fausto Papetti