Personalised comic books give fans the chance to become footballing legends

From small start-up to worldwide soccer star: personalised comic books give fans the chance to become footballing legends

Bournemouth-based start-up Soccer Star has made it possible for fans of all ages to emulate footballing greats such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Steven Gerrard with its unique personalized comic books.

Soccer Star’s comic books put fans in the boots of their footballing heroes, with each book featuring the fan’s own name 25 times as they score sensational goals, dazzle the crowd with skills and win the match for their favourite team.

Holly Robinson, Soccer Star Marketing Manager, said: “Wherever you go in the world, you’ll find that footballers are some of people’s greatest heroes.

“Seeing your favourite player score an amazing goal in the final minute of a game captures the imagination of like nothing else can; it’s no wonder people of all ages have posters of their favourite players on their walls, have their names on their shirts or que for hours simply to get an autograph.

“Soccer Star gives the fans the chance to be the hero and score that winning goal for their team, whether they’re a football-crazy youngster or a veteran fan of many years.”

The storyline of the 90 minutes is played out through gorgeous comic-book style illustration, presenting the action-packed match in stunning style that replicates the drama of the beautiful game.

In addition to having the person’s name feature throughout the comic, buyers can add their own unique message in the front inside cover to add a truly special touch to the gift. Each book is also presented in a luxury silver embossed gift box, making it the perfect personal present.

Soccer Star is also a Cinderella story similar to that of Leicester Jamie Vardy’s; the business is a small, family start-up in Bournemouth and is now making fans the hero of the game across the globe.

Holly added: “It’s amazing how far we’ve come, and seeing the heartfelt messages we’ve had from happy customers makes it all worthwhile.

“It just goes to show a personalized gift that makes people the star of the show really does appeal to fans all over the world, regardless of how old they are.”

Fans can choose their favourite team from Premier League, Football League and Scottish Premiership clubs as well as some of Europe’s other best-known teams.

Soccer Star has license agreements in place with some of the largest Premier League, Football League and Scottish Premiership Clubs, and the author has featured on BBC News, The Daily Mail, The Guardian and The Sun.

For more information about Soccer Star, please visit or call 020 8798 9266.

About Soccer Star

Soccer Star is the personalized comic book that gives fans of all ages the chance to become a footballing legend. Each book features the fan themselves as the star player, allowing them to emulate their heroes and win the game for their favourite team through stunning comic book illustration that makes for a truly special present.


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