UK: A nation of last minute shoppers who will spend £67bn online this year

  • £67bn will be spent online this year by Brits
  • £67bn will be spent online this year by Brits
  • 40% of these online purchases will be over mobile devices such as smartphones.
  • 67% of consumers would spend more online if it meant they could get same-day delivery
  • Improving load times by just one second can increase purchase rates by 27%, has compiled data from the British Retail Consortium, Internet Retailing Magazine, as well as their own independent research to identify Brits’ changing attitudes towards online spending.

Internet Retailing Magazine has predicted that £67bn will be spent online in 2017, 40% of which will be over mobile devices such as smartphones.

Converting online browsing into actual purchases should remain a priority for retailers, with a reported 74% of baskets abandoned in 2016. With ‘load times’, indicating the speed of a website, around 10-25% slower in the UK than in the US, every second counts. Indeed, Google research has revealed that improving load times by just one second can increase conversion rates by 27%.

Research conducted by has revealed that the UK tops the list of countries searching for same day deliveries, beating both the United States and Australia. decided to dig deeper into the same-day delivery consumer trend. A survey of 523 participants revealed the following:

  • 52% said they would specifically choose a retailer that offered same day delivery over those that didn’t.
  • 67% of participants would spend more if it meant they would get same-day delivery
  • 36% of respondents stated they would pay £10-15 for same-day delivery when in a pinch.
  • 34% were most likely to use same-day delivery for Valentine’s day, 28% for birthdays, 31% for Christmas and 7% for other occasions.
  • Men were most likely to use same-day delivery for Valentine’s day, and women would use it for birthdays.
  • Females aged between 26-35 were most likely to opt for same-day delivery.

The key words ‘same day delivery’ was the most common searched term on Google in London, with search results identifying Birmingham a close second.

Queries into same day delivery from retailers peaked several times in 2016. It was most searched for on Google from the 7th to the 13th of February (or just before Valentine’s day), then again at the beginning of May, then from the 14th and 20th of August, just in time for last-minute summer holiday purchases, and finally, just before Christmas, where the search peaked from 14th to the 24th of December.

With companies, such as Amazon offering same day delivery, and Tesco dipping their toes into one-hour delivery service, consumers are wanting their purchases to land on their doorstep faster than ever. The food sector would appear to be benefitting most from online retailing, with a 17.6% year-on-year growth, according to ONS. Revealing that it pays to be online, other sectors are also seeing a year-on-year growth in e-commerce sales:

  • Department stores: +8.5%
  • Clothing, footwear and textile stores: +11.7%
  • Household goods stores: +9.2%
  • Other stores: +11.3%

According to Google trends, the most desired purchases to be delivered the same day were flowers, cakes, chocolate and finally balloons.

Tomas Zalatoris, CEO of, has stated the following on the findings:

“It comes as no surprise that customers want same-day delivery. With the success of services such as Amazon prime, a consumer’s delivery expectations are getting bigger and the time they are happy to wait for products is getting smaller. Millennials have been brought up alongside the digital boom, where everything is available instantly. Retailers need to be where consumers are, which as Millennials grow up, is increasingly online.”