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Strategic planning

Digital Blanket will bring an audience around to visualise a company from a new viewpoint. It will correct any errors in past marketing and deliver creative campaigns that engage and build demand for clients’ products and extend the product lifecycle through innovation and imagination. To fail to plan is to plan to fail and a definition of madness is to continue to repeat the same processes and to expect different results. With Digital Blanket, expect the unexpected!


Sometimes, hearing the truth from an external agent is an easier pill to swallow. Digital Blanket offers advice and reports that substantiate areas where a business feels they need more light throwing on. Thorough research, interview, visual inspection and experience form some of the principles adopted in determining viability and operational efficiency.


One huge positive Digital Blanket has is the experience of its people in the business and creative industries. Placing a customer and supplier together with shared objectives, and a perfect match, is highly rewarding.  Digital Blanket knows many people and if you need a guy to pack and distribute a print campaign to 13,000 students next week, we can help.  Suppliers talk to Digital Blanket in the hope that we will be able to make introductions.  These relationships can make new and established ventures grow and thrive.

Print / design / airtime advertising / banner advertising

With in-house creatives and through companies trusted to outsource to (such as The Ultimate Marketing Group), Digital Blanket can print on all materials, in all quantities at a good price with SLAs in place to guarantee service delivery is second to none.

Digital Blanket can buy media space in print publications and from air-time in radio and TV broadcasting, as well as on-line in digital platforms. The usual margin Digital Blanket charges equates to the discount it buys at. The customer therefore often buys through Digital Blanket at the price they could buy directly, but gets the brokerage opportunities Digital Blanket offers. These often mean synergy deals with other non-competitive brands; introductions, higher production quality levels, perceived free consultancy, labour or production (via the discount purchase price) and faster routes to market. Digital Blanket also offers advertising within its web articles, in its web banners and peripheries and in its TV / video work for Free To See, Social-Life and more. Affiliate digital advertising on 3rd party platforms is also a delivered service in this package.

Creative writing

Words can make the difference between a yes and a no. From entertainment and sports journalism to B2B articles, Digital Blanket writes on its social and web platforms constantly. Copy writing is also a service offered to clients for tidying up websites, social media posts, reports, key documents and for print. It’s an asset to all companies to have at least one person who can spell check and grammar check documents, web pages, etc. Digital Blanket has more than one excellent copy writer, meaning that the service is continuously available and to consistent editorial standards.

Social media account management

Looking after a social media channel for a client is more complicated than posting stuff on a wall. Negotiations and interactions have to be taken into account. On-going marketing the company is doing, suggestions coming in from fans, questions asked via Messenger Apps, etc. There’s detail on tabs, company facts, designs and artwork, engagement with audience, sharing onto personal walls, liking and commenting on other accounts as the client to bring traffic back. It’s a never-ending list of content, interest and etiquette. You like my page, I like yours. There are protocols which spell out the differences between an easy journey forwards and upwards, and a bumpy ride. Digital Blanket does social media well.

Web design, maintenance and hosting

Hosting is offered FOC for 12 months with web design packages at present. Going forward, clients experiencing any issues with the coding or hosting of their websites will be covered in the basic web deal. Digital Blanket builds, designs, maintains and grows digital websites which tick all the boxes like responsiveness and accessibility.

The basic web build

All hosted websites built from 2016 onwards will be looked after on the basic web deal. This package gives client training time to show how to publish on their website for daily / weekly needs via telephone support.  It offers technical support at the price of one day’s web design fee per month. This can also offer clients assistance with HTML emails, Photoshop support, video editing for web and blog articles.  The basic web build deal actually saves the client’s time (delivery to market lead time), software investment and continuous training costs; through out-sourcing the function to a supplier who is part of the client’s business model already. The basic web deal renders the client’s role more responsive and flexible. They get to be proactive when new situations change or present themselves.

Video production

With one set of camera equipment and several software licenses for video editing, Digital Blanket currently has the ability to film and deliver video content as quickly as any ENG crew. With over 20 years as a digital film editor, James Delargy delivers fast, contemporary productions with the experience to guide customers editorially and from a digital marketing perspective. From small film shoots to organized studio events, Digital Blanket has that talent pool to deliver.

TV & photography studio / equipment / labour hire

There is there is a shortage of permanent sound proof film studios in the north-west. James Delargy ran and developed the TV studio for Halifax / Bank of Scotland, helped to build Galleon Studios in North Manchester and has consulted extensively for The Big Shed Studios in Trafford. James uses Galleon Studios for most standard to mid-sized film shoots, and The Big Shed for larger productions. Both studios have a healthy supplier / customer relationship with Digital Blanket.

Newsletter design / push marketing

Digital Blanket can design and manage campaigns around push-based marketing, such as HTML newsletter designs with strong calls to actions. A technology that was thought would be extinct, now has had a renaissance in life span simply as there is not yet an better alternative in businesses than email as a communication tool internally and externally.

Digital marketing

Where there is more than one product/service that Digital Blanket is supplying to the client, the package is classed as a digital marketing product.  It tends to include social media, copy-writing and video as the main campaign disciplines, with PR, advertising (traditional and digital), web adverts, boosted social media and SEO methodologies deployed.

White label services

Through reputable partnerships, Digital Blanket can now sell the services listed here ‘white labeled’ on behalf of the client. This means that the clients’ marketing is geared to sell Digital Blanket’s products in order to take a 10-20% commission. If you’d like to sell Digital Blanket’s products and take a commission, ask about our white label deal.

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