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Digital mentoring is what it is. Advice, consultancy, coaching, problem resolution and strategic planning wrapped around the digital universe.

These principles have existed for millennia and now apply to the digital revolution that business has undergone in the last 2 decades. From having one office computer, through to email and internet access, then forwards to CRM systems, cloud and app technologies, paperless systems, e-commerce, social media and far beyond.

But, your business model for digital success doesn’t always have to be the most technical, testosterone-laden system to rise up from the sea of digital-savvy competitors. It doesn’t have to be the biggest, boldest and most expensive. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, either.

Pause for a second, breathe in, hold it. Breathe out.

You’re now going to take your message to market and we’re here to support your digital leadership.

Digital democracy is now a thing.

Newspaper circulation and printed press figures continue to decline as more people digest digitally. That’s not new news! How people digest across various platforms is also widely known. What’s now coming out of a cacophony of digital noise, fake news and distraction is our need to find trusted sources to filter the best bits from the ‘Internet of Things’. To deliver only quality content to us to save our ‘scroll finger’ apathy!

What is becoming clear is that good research, journalism, PR and creative digital content is championed now alongside the big wigs of the internet universe. Democracy of media is becoming new news. And so, this is your opportunity to deliver your message to market via the super highway of digital ideas!

From traditional business methodologies such as SWOT analysis, through regular market research and 2-way communication, we analyse where we are, where others are, what possibilities exist and where red lines need to be drawn to avoid pitfalls.

Digital democracy allows you to compete with brands, organisations and platforms greater than your own and to be considered an effective choice amongst them. Using time-honoured methodologies with a digital mindset means we remain focused on delivery, choice, quality and value whilst speaking in the language our audience consumes in!

The digital message is generally this simple:

Yes, we can. Yes, it’s better. Yes, you get more.

Cast your mind back 20 years to when the internet was framed as the super highway. Well, they certainly got that right. If you drive past somewhere at breakneck speed and expect the person on the street to recall your details as you whizz by – 3 months later … you’re in for a surprise! Wait … what was that car – was it blue – do you remember? Nope. It’s history and they’re going to Google it.

Unless, they Google you, that is!

Algorithms exist in social media and SEO to ensure we’re always ‘doing the dance’. The debate of organic versus paid constantly rages on. The reality is, we have to tip our hats to these platform gods (Google, Facebook, et al.) but we also have to get ‘on message’. Take your foot off the gas pedal (reduce your digital spend) and you may want to coast a little bit. You can, but first, you need to create your digital personality and get noticed, recognised, admired, wanted … desired.

Top brands carry these credentials. You can, too.

What’s Your Value Proposition?

Arrange a meeting with Digital Blanket for a full analysis of what this means to you and to your business. In short, you are in business to make money. How do you do this? You sell a service or a product. You want loyalty. You need profit. You rely on your staff to grow and develop the business. How do you sell? You find a need and supply a solution. How do you market that? You target those in need with your message – they either know they have a problem (you have a solution for) or you’re about to tell them they have a problem and you are the people to fix it.

Think about how white your whites really are, how your kids refuse to avoid mud and how terrible their socks are! Now, thank Persil for the solution! You weren’t overly worried about those smelly socks until someone told you they were a problem. I mean, who has stinky socks, right?! They aren’t whiter than white! So now you’re not so sure you got it right. It’s marketing, Jim … just not as we’d like it! It does serve as a useful analogy of how we sometimes need to highlight problems to sell solutions.

Let’s go back to that super highway concept. It’s not quite as super as you might want. You have to drive past those pedestrians a bit slower and once doesn’t cut the mustard. You need to take your message past them often if they stand a chance of remembering who you are, darn it.

How dull for them if that message doesn’t change or isn’t quite the perfect solution. We need to ensure you remain relevant in a sea of ever-changing messages they are looking at. You want them to jump on board, so you drive past slowly and each time you deliver another element of the jigsaw they need to build that complete picture about you.

They’re probably not going to get on-board the first flashy message they see. Most take the time to consider if your solution matches their problem. They then look to the wider value proposition which answers other questions they need – from the financial, right through to the legal and small print. Each time you swing by, you’re bringing more pieces to them. You are building history. You’re creating trust. From this flows your call to action and their desire to purchase.

Now, you have a sale.

That all involved thought, time and digital strategy. It wasn’t a flash flood sale, but it started a supplier-customer relationship based on mutual respect and trust. That’s just the beginning of the story for that customer and you. Whilst you continue to attract more new business, you’re also ensuring you’re still relevant to your existing business – ‘keeping it real’. But that’s another story for another day.

We hoped you enjoyed reading this article by James Delargy. James is Creative Director at Digital Blanket and can be contacted at Digital Blanket offers digital mentoring, digital strategy, SWOT analysis, reverse mentoring (What else can I do?), digital leadership, creative consultancy and more. It’s done with copy writing, design, video, web, social media and more. Digital Blanket is partnered with The Ultimate Marketing Company for print solutions offering physical and digital to its clients.

Says James Delargy, “We don’t care what socks you wear!”

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In this digital world, not much stays the same for long. Digital democracy offers you a platform to springboard up from. What’s not to like about that?

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