Grow Your Business

January and February tend to be the ‘slack period’ of the year for many retail and commercial businesses.

Often a concern, many deals are rolled out as New Year ‘sales’, end of season, last in stock prior to ramping up for Easter, Spring Break holidays, etc.

Digital Blanket has a straightforward campaign idea to sure up sales during these periods and to pre-campaign for the busier times of the year.

The average human attention span is  8.25 seconds, yet on average, a visitor to YouTube spends more than 40 minutes watching video. Why?

Why is video so effective?

• Motivates viewer to learn;
• Triggers people’s emotions;
• Improves subject comprehension;
• Assists in transmitted information that is quickly received and processed;
• Commits more information to long-term memory.

And, because it is that slow time of the year for many businesses, Digital Blanket is offering a set of 8 promotional videos your business can use to deliver yours PLUS £1000 of paid advertising on multiple social media channels, for just £2000. It’s limited to the first 5 takers.

If you want to target well over 10 million people in January and February, this is a no brainer.

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